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(English version)
For this hat, I used only 170g of cotton (WPI: Sport) in the Jacquard version, featuring 5 colors, so it’s approximately 34g for each color.

In the stranded version, I used roughly the same amount of cotton and less than 100g of 3mm jute (this material is interchangeable).

What you’ll learn from this pattern:

How to knit continuously without closing rounds.
Creating perfect circles using two different techniques.
Neat color changes in two different techniques.
Managing tension throughout the project.
Knitting a bell-shaped brim that looks lovely.
Understanding and reading stitch charts.
Improvising and creating new color patterns.
Efficiently hiding threads to save time.
Closing the project without leaving anything loose.

What you’ll receive with your purchase:

Step-by-step written pattern guide.
Material instructions.
Stitch chart for the base, body, and brim.
Color pattern chart for each part.
Video tutorial on how to read charts (very important).
Essential explanatory videos for knitting.
Blank stitch charts to customize with your chosen colors.

You can knit it in two different versions:

Jacquard or tapestry
Stranded + intarsia.

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